Monday, June 22, 2009

Mohican Trailer (Part 1)

Hi. Very briefly here’s how Mohican went:

I had six months of perfectly flawless training. I went into this race 30 pounds lighter than EVER before. I had more long runs in than ever before. I had solved the blister problems of years past (Nick, we have to talk man…contact me), solved the hypothermia of years before and had my mind fine tuned into a zen-tarahumara-franciscan-buddhist-hippie-yippee-trippee Peace machine.

And for 70 miles I floated along having the time of my life. They said it was hot but I didn’t notice. They told me I was ugly but I felt handsome. I rolled along dispensing ibuprofen, vaseline, ginger candy and goodwill to those less prepared than I.

Then at 70 miles I became violently ill and suffered wave after wave of relentless nausea that defied all intervention. It took me 4.5 hours to make it from the Mill to the sweet tender mercy of the time cutoff at the bridge and the relief that only 4:30 am at 80 miles can bring.

This morning I ran three miles on legs that were just fine and didn’t puke once. Hooray!

My friends all kicked butt. Much much much more (several thousand words at least) is on the way…probably in installments. Stay tuned or avoid this site, depending on the amount of self centered drivel and false modesty you think you can absorb.

All my love, --Mark

P.S. Michelle Bichsel wins the toughest human award, Luc wins the greatest-gentleman -ever -to -do -this -sport award, and Nick and Rob win the nicest guy awards. Terri Lemke wins the MAN-OH-MAN this is the coolest news ever award. Why? Tune in later.


  1. Mark, I was happy that I had not seen you at the Start/Finish, which either meant you were still out on the course or somewhere sleeping off a hard finish. But then I was then incredibly bummed when I heard you didn't make it.

    It was your encouraging words that kept resonating in my head as I ran, and when I had my ups/downs.
    I was so happy I made it to the CB at 64. I had no regrets. Your words gave me the courage to attempt this race. I am still on cloud nine that I had the privilege to run a race with so many wonderful people like yourself.
    I cannot thank you enough.

    I am all ears with the blisters. They all occurred on the bottoms of my feet and one on my ankle. I am gonna try some wool socks to see if it helps. I have a while until my next 100.

  2. Thanks Nick
    I am so happy for you and excited to see such potentila. Don't be bummed for me. My life is one blessing piled on top of another. I was totally fine except for the unrelenting violent illness : ). Legs and mind are fine. I wanna do Burning River. Seems a shame to waste the training.
    Hey. i used to have HORRIBLE nlisters. Now I have none. I gotta introduce you to elasticon tape. It'll change your experience!

  3. Great race, Mark! It's amazing how you can go from such a great state of mind to crap in such a short distance. I sure hope you try it again and conquer it like you deserve. Congratulations on your great pre-race training plan. That's amazing that you dropped all that weight! Share your secret with me please. ;)

    Lastly, thank you so much for your kind words! You are simply too kind... Hope to see you at Mo soon while I'm training to beat that 50 mile distance next year (or sooner). :)

  4. Mark, You are a very great man and I look forward to getting my buckle with you next year! I figured that I need to finish next year and the next 9 to get my 1000 mile buckle the 30th year.