Sunday, May 31, 2009


Its been a busy week. Too busy for blogging and almost too busy for slogging. Its a good thing that the hay is in the barn for Mohican. Brother Donkey is as ready as he's going to be. I guess I haven't told you about Brother Donkey and so I will...very soon; I promise. But I'm just too busy to write about him now. He's eating oats and awaiting orders so in the meantime I have some incredibly happy news to report:

I was slogging along, tired and lonely late Thursday night and it happened. I saw my first firefly of the season. It was just one lonely little lightning bug. Flashing his little bug-light, avoiding kids with mayonnaise jars and trying to find a friend for a late night dance. I didn't see any other lightning bugs and so maybe he didn't either...sometimes that's how love goes. I predict, however, that if he hangs in there and continues to be patient, and keeps shining his light, that he will soon be surrounded by the love and energy of so many of his kind that he won't be able to absorb the vibe of his fleeting but expansive community.

Fireflies are creatures of the month of June. They exist all year long of course. Sometimes they are active and sometimes they are passive but June is when they come out to shine.

My Thursday run was lonely. I don't have many local friends that do what I do. My Mohican community consists of individuals who exist all year long but truly only come together fully for a brief time...each June. Soon we will seek and find each other. We will share the woods with the lightning bugs, their lights and ours illuminating the night. It won't last. Nothing so beautiful ever does. But Thursday I saw promise that our time has come again. The physical changes that took us a year to achieve are in place. All that is left is to seek that which we prepared for...and to enjoy it...and to enjoy each other.

And I couldn't be happier.

Rest well and believe friends. Our time to shine is almost here.

Peace. --Mark


  1. Mark. I do feel terrible I didn't invite you out for our run at Mohican today. I just never thought it out very well.
    See you soon!

  2. Mark, I'm amazed that you just started blogging. You are a great writer and I really enjoy your posts. Please keep them coming. :) Enjoy your torturous taper weeks and see you soon!!

  3. Mark,
    Wonderful blog! I love the firefly post. Even though I have only run Mohican once, I can't wait for the weekend to come. It is such a great experience that doesn't just have to do with running 100 miles. It is all the runners, the aid stations, volunteers, preparation, pre race meal, trails, etc. etc. The whole experience is priceless and the people/runners too. See you in a few weeks!!!

  4. Great blog. Looks like you have some great trails to run on