Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brother Donkey

"I regard my body as I regard brother donkey. I feed him, and I care for him, but I ride on him and he does not ever ride on me". --St. Francis of Assissi

That is my favorite ultra running quote.

Tomorrow I go to my favorite place on earth, to be with some of my favorite people on earth, to do one of my favorite things in life. Why then the stress and fear? I need to remember that this is all a gift. The fact that I'm standing on the starting line of a 100 mile run necessarily means that I have the health, security in life, spare time for growth, and financial means to do so. I need to remember that this is a blessing and I need to be grateful. I also need to remember that a person can go a long long way on a pair of blown legs but will crumble without joy.

Thank you.

Believe, believe, believe.


  1. I love the last line: "a person can go a long way on blown legs but will crumble without joy"...our joy is just ahead of us, amigo! See you and everyone tomorrow!

  2. Mark,

    Good luck and enjoy your experience! I know you will. It is indeed a tremendous gift to be able to do these things...

    Can't wait to read your race recap!

  3. Hope you have a blast and get what you want out of the adventure! Good Luck!