Thursday, July 9, 2009


This sport has grown so much that its hard to not be amazed. The Buckeye trail 50K is next weekend and I cannot run it because its SOLD OUT. In fact it has been sold out for many months now. How cool is that?....the sold out part, not the 'I can't run it' part. I ran the BT once waayyy back in 1997. As I recall it was a fun run in conjuntion with Joe Jurczyk's birthday. I distinctly recall that the race instructions called for us to show up on time....but please JUST on time. We didn't need people milling around attracting attention since the park didn't exactly 100% know that the race was being held. Sometimes its easier to get forgiveness than permission. But its always best to simply not get caught. I might be recalling things wrong but thats how I remember it. At any rate, the race is now full-fledged bonafide and downright prestigious. Good on ya mates. May the trail rise to meet you. Godspeed and good luck to my friends who planned ahead.

I'm off to do the Rattlesnake 50K in Charleston, WV on Saturday. I ran it once before and sat in a cave for a while waiting for a lightning storm to pass...lightning seems to be a theme this week. Oh well. This race is a toughie. Five thousand feet of elevation (which also always means another 5000 feet of de-levation). The course also has 85 million rocks, each the size of a human head. I'm using bug spray, watching my step, and sticking to tapwater and wonder bread.

Peace friends. --Mark


  1. Funny, but my post mentions snakes as well. Mine are bigger though. Have fun at the Rattlesnake 50K. We'll see how it goes for the Buckeye 50K. Not feeling too confident at the moment, but a lot can change in a week.